About us

About Us

Providing you with the best fine quality indian cuisine catering service. In our possession we carry variety of different types of brands of rice, flour, vegetables, dairy products, including different kinds of dhal. Big Bazaar provides a Snack Menu, Chat Menu, Drink Menu, Breads Menu(Parantha Menu), To go Vegetarian Menu, and a Cooked Curry / Tandoori Legs/Wings Menu. We also serve our own hand Marinated Meat. Marination is the process of soaking foods in a seasoned, lentils, exquisite spices, in our sauces. In the back of our store we have a dine-in area for anything that is ordered off of the menu. Our indoor meat shop provides cut raw Lamb and Goat. Be sure to checkout the Big Bazaar Home Page for the Menus, and be more than welcomed to write us any feedback, there is always room for us to improve. Welcome to your local Indian Grocery